Kehillas Ya’akov

As many of you know, we have a close connection to a beautiful historic synagogue in the East End of London- Congregation of Jacob Synagogue, also known as Kehillas Ya’akov.

We will be having our chuppah (wedding ceremony) there on Sunday 24th June.

However, because the synagogue is so small,  it is going to be a squeeze (and probably a safety risk) if everyone from the night before joins us.

Therefore, please do not feel obliged to attend, as we will be able to guarantee you a better view anyway on the film that we promise to post on this site soon afterwards.

For reasons of space it also means children are not invited. Sorry about this.

For those that choose to come, then no need to dress up for the occasion, and ensure you are wearing comfortable shoes as it will likely be standing room only.

The chuppah will start at 345pm. The ceremony is around 45 minutes. So please ensure to get there in good time, otherwise you may miss us – as we will be heading to Bushey for a tea with our folks and their friends, and family, soon afterwards.

But honestly, we really will not feel offended if you do not come along.

For anyone who would like the opportunity to see the synagogue, then we will be having an Auf Ruf on Saturday, 12 May. This is where the groom is called up to the Torah, and we will celebrate afterwards with a fress (from the yiddish fressen, to eat). The service will start at 9.10am, but feel free to come anytime before 10.30am. The call-up will be around 11am, and we should be finished by midday.

For directions to the synagogue, click here.

Further information on the synagogue can be downloaded here.

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